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Jobstandard is the comprehensive, customisable and integrated job tracking solution that allows you to track employees on job sites and to monitor specific costs- accurately and easily.

Jobstandard’s Job labour tracking capability allows organisations to monitor individual jobs, steps and operations that are carried out by the employee. In those industries where tracking lost labour is important, or if you simply wish to monitor the time spent on a job, Jobstandard is a vital tool to streamline this operation and provides a powerful reporting facility for that essential, detailed insight into labour activities.

Jobstandard allows employees to clock in at the beginning of a job and clock out upon completion, allowing you to see the time spent on individual jobs. This capability enables you to:

  • Accurately verify time spent on jobs against payroll costs -detailed timesheets to improving costing.
  • Review job data to help improve the time management of your workforce – increasing both efficiency and productivity.

Customise tracking to fit your needs

Jobstandard gives you the flexibility of up to four levels of user defined job labour tracking labels; enabling you to gather and analyse employee, resource, and job data through user defined labels and formats. Such labels could include; Product, Job, Step, Operation, Machine number, Piece rate, good, bad, rejected etc. For example:

  • Job, Operation, Step, Function - (Job labour tracking example.)
  • Customer, Job, Product - (Call centre support example.)
  • Customer, Job, Items Good, Items Bad - (Work piece rating example.)

These are just 3 examples from the multitude of criteria available by redefining the levels and their labels. Data labels can be customised to your requirements and made easily through entry via a PC, Mobile phone, handheld devices, or keypad, swipe card or barcode wand at your chosen data collection terminal(s). This ensures that the parameters chosen make the solution perfect for you.

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Jobstandard enables you to control all aspects of your workforce’s job labour tracking- giving you complete, real-time visibility from the comfort of your desk.  This includes:

  • The ability to view historical job information – review specific dates, jobs, employees and timesheets.
  • Capability to edit an employee's hours prior to or after the event- make manual changes timesheets in order to correct errors made on the job site.
  • Full auditing capacity- Notes can be made against specific labels including what changes have been made and who made them. *Complete with permission levels*

Historic Job Search

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Industry Application   job tracking

Manufacturing & Distribution Sectors - log hours against job or batch codes!

  •    From Automobile Repair Centres, to Construction Companies to Logistics.

Manage jobs in progress and track expenses as work advances.

Service sectors - log time against project, cost centre or budgetary codes!

  • Cleaning Services, to Telecoms, to Consultancy services.

job labour tracking   Accurately track overheads and maximise your revenue.

job labour tracking software


Jobstandard Reporting

Our intelligent data handling capability enables you to create and run automatic, bespoke and easy to read reports 24/7- helping you gain real insight from all those figures- and enabling you to improve operational costing and productivity.

Jobstandard comes complete with a full set of template reports, including:

  • Work-based, employee-based and job totals timesheet reporting.
  • Reports to highlight downtime.
  • Performance comparison reports.

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Sample Job Totals Report