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Some of the benefits:

  • Supports mixed, multiple terminal options and telephone clocking
  • Full suite of reports
  • Fire roll call reports (unlimited)
  • Real-time employee attendance displays (unlimited)
  • Links to almost every payroll program
  • Graphical employee rostering, absence planning and staff cover
  • Unlimited departments, branches and cost centres
  • Multi site capability
  • Handles unlimited, standard, complex, continental, flexi-time and rotating shifts
  • Full detailed time card activity ALL on one report
  • Calculates hours worked and gross pay if required
  • Fault tolerant – allows time card errors
  • Unlimited employee capacity
  • Multi-user and multi-level password protection
  • Overtime authorisation
  • CLOUD and Intranet access options
  • Auto email of lateness and ‘not in’ reports
  • Full audit trail by user

 Full Personnel Database

  • Employee pictures
  • Next of kin
  • Employees other contact details – emails, mobiles
  • Training history
  • Disciplinary records
  • Database of Equipment issued
  • Driving Licences and expiry

Timestandard is the UK’s number one time and attendance system.

Flexible and scalable, it helps you monitor your employees’ time in real-time. Pay only what’s fair. Improve health and safety. Nip HR risks in the bud.

And spend the time and money you save growing your business.

Timestandard is purpose built to improve efficiency in the preparation of payroll hours and the overall management of your workforce. It combines and streamlines multiple HR functions with total flexibility to save time, money and it acts as a centrally accessible library of employee information across your business, making management easier.

Timestandard comprises intuitive tools and graphical displays to manipulate data and intelligent information handling. It will facilitate increased automation and efficiency of complex Time & Attendance formulae so that you get the results you need for payroll.

Timestandard’s real-time data capture reduces the necessities for manual pre-processing or constant attention, proven to reduce costs and improve workflow. Timestandard’s intelligent data handling capability provides tailored on demand and automatic detailed reporting, effortlessly.

Because Timestandard® is purpose built, it deals with information in a way which reduces the amount of manual intervention needed, increases flexibility and records information as it occurs without requiring constant attention.

  • Timestandard® updates by itself, not needing manual intervention to update information.
  • Automatic warnings and alerts can be set up for a range of criteria.
  • Human error is accounted for and historical corrections can be made without complex procedures.
  • Data is securely stored indefinitely. No matter how far back, it's always available on demand.
  • Multiple user levels, multi-site access and global compatibility.
  • Edit data at any time from any location.
  • Fault tolerant to cope with unexpected or missed clockings.
  • Set up live terminals anywhere with a power source only.
  • Enormous scope to customise the system to your needs.

Once set up, Timestandard® automatically assigns pay-rates in conjunction with clocking data including holidays, sickness and overtime giving total accuracy without any of the administrative legwork.

  • Set in place up to 10 pay rates for each employee.
  • A cheat-proof system prevents manipulation of overtime pay rates.
  • Timestandard® accounts for last minute changes and human error. Any changes to payroll as a result of missed clock-ins or changes to shifts are made automatically.
  • Retrospective changes to shifts are easily made, allowing for clocking errors to be resolved quickly when it comes to payroll.
  •     Working Time Directive and Bradford Factor reporting.
  •     Fire Reporting by individual location to meet legislative requirements.
  •     Export customised data reports with ease into all popular formats.
  •     Store an entire database of personnel information securely.
  •     Unlimited historical information storage.
  •     Remote site data access.